We warmly invite you to join with us in the ‘Love Begins With Me’ film project. This consists of the making of a film and a series of short films which will reveal the heart of humanity for all to see.

In our ‘Love Begins With Me’ film project we want to reveal that love is alive and well in the world, that love is being shared amongst people throughout the world, and how much better the world is when people are sharing their love.

We are the organizers of the ‘Love Begins With Me’ film project. We are members of the board of The Love Foundation which is a not for profit organization based in Florida, U.S. The mission of The Love Foundation is to inspire people to love unconditionally. For more information about The Love Foundation please visit our website.

We are now in the submissions stage of the ‘Love Begins With Me’ film project and we are inviting you to take part in it.

We are inviting people from all over the world to take part in the ‘Love Begins With Me’ film project. You can make a video with your own video camera, cell or mobile phone camera or Skype, etc. Or you could take part in a Skype one-to-one interview. You can show the world how you, or others, love from your heart and give from your heart in the many ways you do.

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What the world needs now is to see the love in people’s hearts working its special magic. This love heals, soothes, cares, comforts, helps, guides, gives and changes everything.

You can use this website to offer your video for the ‘Love Begins With Me’ film project. Your video can be added to your own YouTube channel and elsewhere. And it may also appear on our ‘Love Begins With Me’ Film channel on Youtube.

There is, as yet, no deadline date by which we ask for videos to be offered to us but it would help if you would send them as soon as you can.

Please go to the Guidelines page for guidance on how to make and submit your video(s).

We have a YouTube channel for the ‘Love Begins With Me’ Film where we have lists of videos which have already been made. Also there are other videos which fit the theme. And a number of one to one interviews we have done. All of this together creates a collection of videos on this theme of ‘Love Begins With Me’. This will grow over time and be a wonderful channel to visit for inspiration and enjoyment. Click here to visit the channel.

You can also view some of the videos here on this website, under Videos.

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