Here are some guidelines to help you decide what kind of video to make, how to prepare it and how to submit it, etc:


1.  The film is primarily about people showing love, care, compassion, forgiveness and/or other qualities revealing that they have a loving heart and are living from their loving heart.

2.  We’re really talking about unconditional love, which means loving without any expectation of receiving love or anything else in return – though in many cases something may be received in return. “I’d have done it anyway”, means it’s got the quality of unconditional love.

3.  Unconditional love means loving because the heart loves to love.  And it feels sooooo good.  And nothing will change that.

4.  Unconditional love is, by its nature, inclusive of everyone and everything.  It’s not romantic love, and it’s not exclusive love as a one-to-one relationship may be.  It’s potentially for everyone and everything, although it may, in practice, be expressed mostly to particular people or animals or the planet, etc., according to one’s circumstances.

5.  The title of the film is ‘Love Begins With Me’, which is a recognition that your unconditional love is in your heart, and you don’t need to receive love before you share your own to others.  Unconditional love is part of your nature, you have all the love you need, and you can share it without ever exhausting the source of it within your own heart.

6.  So, what we’re looking for are examples of your unconditional love in action.  Examples could be helping people in all sorts of ways, forgiving someone, accepting someone, bridging age groups or different cultures or geographical distances, making something useful, putting effort into solving someone’s problem, joining in a group activity, supporting a good cause, doing a random act of kindness, smiling at someone, being polite and courteous, causing or sharing some laughter, seeing the most positive qualities in someone, turning a stranger into a friend, and so on.

7. Please note that no individual nor organisation (including The Love Foundation) nor religion nor particular teaching will be promoted through the film. The most recognition given will be a list of individual participants’ names at the end of the film. Our wish is to demonstrate the ever-present and ubiquitous universality of unconditional love and its expressions regardless of any culture, faith, teaching, philosophy or orientation, etc.

8. There will be four main sections to the film:

a. What is Unconditional Love? Why ‘Love Begins With Me’
b. I love myself unconditionally, love begins with me, and how I show it
c. How unconditional love is shared in the world and can cross all barriers and distances.
d. What will the world look like when more people love unconditionally?

If your video fits into any of these sections it is more likely to be used.

9.  We’re also looking for on-the-street interviews, where passing people are asked various questions (see below). This will help us to explain, in the film, various aspects of unconditional love which many people may never have thought about before.


1.  Honestly, we’re looking for videos from a large number of people, so that we can illustrate love being shared in many different countries and many different cultures in many different ways.  So we really need your video to be short and meaningful and interesting, maybe different in some way, maybe happy, maybe sad….but short, ideally of a maximum of 10 minutes.  You can submit a few videos, a maximum of six (the Submissions form only allows for six, so it’s six, but you could always send two or more forms, I guess).

2.  If you’re interviewing on the street, you can submit an unlimited amount of video.  There may be a limit to the length of video you can upload to YouTube, in which case it will be fine for us if you split your video into shorter parts.


1.  We’re looking for a reasonable quality of video. We don’t need top quality.  We can improve poor quality, so don’t worry about what you’ve got.  We need it not to look like a professional film which has cost a lot of money and employed actors and scriptwriters.  Actually the film isn’t costing us anything. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Niente. Nothing.  It will be far more honest, interesting, compelling and inspiring this way.

2.  So a video camcorder, a cell phone or a webcam (e.g. recording using Supertintin free software for Skype) should do nicely.


1.  Do not worry that your video may not be a work-of-art.  It is more important that your video is audible, visible and your story is being told.

2.  Do not reject false starts or out-takes unless you want to, because there may still be some footage we can use.  However, at the start of every new ‘take’, someone seen in front of the camera needs to do a loud flat-hands clap (make hands visible, please) to set an edit point where audio and video can be re-synchronised if necessary.


1.  You may edit your video before uploading it to YouTube for us to see. However please do not delete your raw original footage, which we will need, except for whatever you choose to delete. We will take the good with the bad. We will edit it as we need to.

2.  Do not add music or voiceover, date and time stamps or anything else.

3.  Do not submit anything of a commercial nature, or anything which could be offensive or considered illegal in any country.

4.  When you’re uploading video to YouTube, you may need to convert it to an appropriate format. That will not concern us, providing the content is visible, even if the audio is out-of-sync with the video.

5. If the language spoken by the main people in the video is not English, we will need a transcript to be added to YouTube’s ‘Description’ section of your video. We will translate it and if we use your video we will add English sub-titles. When the film is released there will be a complete written transcript on this website which can be translated by viewers into any language using the translation tool above.


1.  You will need to create an account on YouTube, if you don’t already have one, and upload your videos there, so that we can see them.

2.  When you’ve uploaded them, you should complete and send your Submissions form with links to your videos so we can go see them.

3.  Then, if we feel we can use your video(s), we’ll contact you by email and ask you to upload the original video(s) to our account.  We’d much prefer the original to the reduced quality that we could download from YouTube.

4.  We need you to obtain the permission of the people who feature in your video (but not the people in the background in a public place) so that no-one can stop the video being shown.  We’re providing forms for this purpose (please see below), and you must send us the completed forms if and when we ask you for the original video. As this is intended to be a collaborative venture to help change the world for the better, we do not want to get tied up with lawyers, and we want to keep this simple and in good faith.   It is not expected that any income will derive from the film, and therefore no payments of any kind will be made to participants who are all volunteers. Nevertheless we need to have some safeguards for all involved until the world has changed enough that such things are not needed. We’re sure that doesn’t need to be long now.


If you feel you would like to interview people passing by on the street, here are some questions we would like to see asked:

a. What do you understand by the term ‘Unconditional Love’?
b. What would be an example of unconditional love?
c. What would you understand by ‘Love Begins With Me’ as applied to yourself?
d. What barriers, restrictions or limitations could you think might stop people loving unconditionally?
e. What do you think the world would look like if more people loved unconditionally?

You would need to ask the people you interviewed to sign a ‘Release’ form in which they agree that their interview can be shown in public e.g. on YouTube, on websites, even in theatres. There is a form for this purpose, please see below.


There is no deadline for this project, it is ongoing. We will publish appropriate material in appropriate forms as we receive it and process it. We would simply say “the sooner the better”.


(You will need Adobe Reader to view these forms. Click here to download Adobe Reader)

Permission to use video

Permissions – Street Interviews